Meet the Team

Survive First Aid – Meet the Team

Survive First Aid is exceptionally proud of its ‘Team of Staff’ who are the face of our company, and with whom the success of our Training is dependent.

All of our staff have a current Certificate IV in Training and Assessing (TAE40110) and are committed to providing a great learning environment that takes into account adult learning principles.

The background of our staff and trainers is broad and varied, including Teachers, Outdoor Leaders, Paramedics, Mums, Dads, Adventure Enthusiasts and they have all worked in a variety of roles and a variety of companies.

With expertise in First Aid, Emergency Response, Teaching, Paramedical Science, Outdoor Education, Overseas Expeditions, Diving, Climbing, Mountaineering, Kayaking, Rafting, Skiing, Search and Rescue, and Risk Management, we’re able to individualise the training and make it not just your average course.

Positions Available

To become a casual ‘Trainer and Assessor’ the following qualifications and experience is essential:

  • Certificate IV Trainer and Assessor (TAE40110) Qualification
  • Experience in Advanced First Aid & relevant ‘Units of Competency’
  • Experience in Remote Area / Wilderness First Aid & relevant ‘Units of Competency’
  • Experience in Emergency Response, OH&S & relevant ‘Units of Competency’

If you would like to apply to become a Trainer and Assessor with Survive First Aid please apply by sending a letter of introduction and current CV to

Our Team


Adam Kershaw

CEO, Trainer & Assessor

Adam has been working in Outdoor Education for over 10 years, leading expeditions within Australia, New Zealand, S.E Asia, South America, Asia and Central Asia. Previously as the ‘Operations Manager’ of a large overseas expedition company for 7 years, Adam was responsible for the training of all participants and leaders prior to their month long expedition. He loves adventure travel, is an avid skier and would really like to be a better surfer!

Gemima Weiler

Student Support Manager

Gemima has worked in the Travel and Outdoor Education sector for over 10 years, as a Business Manager, International travel agent and previously as the Head of support of a large overseas expedition company. In this last role she coordinated and was responsible for the administration and support of all students prior to their month long expedition. Gemima is passionate about travel and enjoys being in the outdoors.


Simon Hastings

Medical Advisor, Trainer & Assessor

Simon works as a Paramedic , is part of an Emergency Response Aquatic Unit, and is a member of the Victorian Alpine Search and Rescue. Prior to pursuing a career as a Paramedic, Simon was a School Teacher and worked in Outdoor Education for over 10 years. He has led expeditions throughout Australia as well as to S.E Asia, Central America and Asia. When not working he is often surfing or on backcountry ski trips!

Kerryn Wratt

Medical Advisor, Industry Consultant

Kerryn works as a MICA Paramedic, currently as the sole permanent paramedic serving the area surrounding Omeo, (Vic). He is part of the instructor team, for Ambulance Victoria’s wilderness response program, as well as an active volunteer with Alpine Search and Rescue Victoria. In 2012 Kerryn received a scholarship to investigate ambulance based wilderness response systems internationally and has an interest in wilderness medicine. When not working he may be found hunting or skiing in Victoria’s backcountry or on a trip home in New Zealand.


Emma Potter

 Trainer & Assessor

Emma currently works as an Ambulance Officer for St Johns in WA. Prior to this Emma was an outdoor education teacher for 6 years at a private girls school, after being a freelance outdoor leader for 7 years. More recently in 2012/2013 Emma worked for 7 months in Antarctica at Casey Station, as ‘aviation ground support crew’ for the scientific programs. She is a self confessed ‘water baby’, loving everything to do with the ocean, especially surfing!


Simon Dewrance-Milligan

Trainer & Assessor

Simon has worked in Outdoor Education for 12 years, as a client manager, operations manager, and in business development, as well as leading expeditions throughout Australia, S.E.Asia, Central America and Africa. He currently works as an incident response manager in an emergency call centre for an overseas expedition company and as a safety officer for the maritime safety team. He is a passionate sea kayaker and is often on the water when not working!


Steve Whitfield

Medical Advisor, Industry Consultant

Steve has been working in the Outdoor Education and Medical Sector for more than 10 years. He began as a Recon Scout / Patrol Medic in the Australian Army, before working as a freelance expedition medic and guide. His travels have taken him to over 80 countries so far, with many more adventures planned. He works as an Advanced Care Paramedic in the Queensland Ambulance Service and spends his free time with his Wife and new son, surfing, scuba diving or climbing!


Tim Vernon-Smith

Medical Advisor, Trainer & Assessor

Tim currently works as a Paramedic and has been for over 10 years now. He has also been working extensively in the outdoors, leading expeditions and instructing in Climbing, Bushwalking & Paddling for 25 years within Australia and in S.E Asia. His passion though is SCUBA diving and cave diving, and he is a HIRA Assessor and Instructor Trainer for the Diver Alert Network (DAN) Asia pacific. When not working he’s Diving!

Ben Hodgetts

Trainer & Assessor

Ben has been involved in the outdoor industry for over 20 years, leading expeditions and instructing in climbing and bushwalking in Africa, Asia, Australia and Europe. As a teacher he has taught behavioral modification programs to dis-advantaged kids at risk to drugs and alcohol, and he was a High School and a Steiner teach for over 14 years. Since moving to the Mornington Peninsula he has become a firefighter with the CFA.