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Leaders in Remote Area and Wilderness First Aid Training

Survive First Aid is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO 40764) specialising in Emergency Response and First Aid Training Solutions throughout Australia. Using the Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC) guidelines as our base, a team of paramedics (who form our medical advisory team), ensure the training is both relevant and current within the area of First Aid and Emergency Response. Successful completion of our courses awards participants statements of attainment detailing the relevant National Units of competency that have been achieved.

Courses are delivered using a combination of Audio Visual sessions and Practical Scenario’s, with participants assessed by completing a multiple choice exam, demonstrating their skills and knowledge in a range of scenarios, and through the submission of written incident forms. These assessment are ongoing throughout the course and allow participants multiple opportunities for completion.

Together our staff have a diverse and extensive background in First Aid, Emergency Response, Teaching, Paramedical Science, Outdoor Education, Overseas Expeditions, Diving, Climbing, Mountaineering, Kayaking, Rafting, Skiing, Search and Rescue, and Risk Management. All of which gives us an ability to individualise the training and make it not just your average course.

The release of the national Work Safe Code of Practice for First Aid, has helped to standardise the level and appropriateness of what First Aid Training should be obtained across multiple workplaces.

Having a relevant first aid course is paramount to your safety within the workplace, at home and when out enjoying yourself.  As such we offer First Aid Training solutions that are nationally accredited and meet the standards and requirements outlined in the Code of Practice. However delivering a standard first aid course is NOT what we’re about. We’re incredibly proud of our ability to individually design training to meet client needs and requirements, ensuring courses are as relevant as possible to the participants.


‘Provide First Aid’ – Previously known as Level II or Senior First Aid this is the de-facto course for most workplaces, covering CPR, Basic Life Support and key Injuries and Illnesses. If you have easy and good access to vehicles, communications and external help, this key unit ‘Provide First Aid’ HLTAID003 will cover the basic first aid skills and knowledge required to keep your patient safe whilst getting help.

‘Remote Area First Aid’ – If you are more than an hour from definitive care (Medical Centre/Hospital), however there is still good access for vehicles and communication options are varied then ‘Remote Area First Aid’ will provide you with the extra skills and knowledge required to provide the best care to your patient, whilst waiting for a longer period of time for help to arrive.

‘Wilderness First Aid’ – If you are more than an hour from definitive care (Medical Centre/Hospital), access and communications are limited, and you may have to help co-ordinate the emergency response then ‘Wilderness First Aid’ will give you the advanced skills and knowledge required to provide the best care to your patient, whilst waiting for an extended period of time for help to arrive.

We are currently having technical issues with our bookings page so if you would like to enquire about available courses please email Leah on and specific what dates and which state you are looking for courses. 

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