Remote and  Wilderness First Aid Courses

About Us

Survive First Aid is a leading provider of Remote Area First Aid, Wilderness First Aid and Advanced Wilderness’s Life Support Courses within Australia.

we run scenario based training in the outdoors that focuses on realistic first aid incidents that you might encounter.

Our Courses

Leaders in Remote Area and Wilderness First Aid Training

Courses are delivered using a combination of Audio Visual sessions and Practical Scenario’s, with participants assessed by completing a multiple choice exam, demonstrating their skills and knowledge in a range of scenarios.

Advanced Wilderness Life Support

Advanced Wilderness Life Support® is a medical certification course that provides a practical foundation in Wilderness Medicine for medical professionals.


The course is a 4-day course that is equally divided between didactic lecture and hands-on teaching.

First Aid Supplies

Here at Survive we are pleased to partner up and support Survival Emergency Solutions. 

Survival Emergency Solutions has created innovative First Aid KITs and solutions for the workplace, vehicle and home in Australia.

Their First Aid KITs are nationally compliant* with Safe Work Australia's Workplace Health and Safety Code of Practice.

They offer solutions for all your needs whether it be Workplace First Aid KITHome First Aid KIT or Vehicle First Aid KIT. All of these products are compliant with Safe Work Australia's Workplace Health and Safety (WH&S) Code of Practice.