Comprised of like minded great people, organisations and companies all trying to make a difference in the world. 

Backpacker Medics

Backpacker Medics (BPM) is a platform for Paramedics and other pre-hospital workers to engage with the world of humanitarian work.

Their goal is simple: to take effective medical care to those who need it most.

They are a wholly volunteer and donation-based project which endeavours to provide paramedical services in the truest sense: by working “beside” existing organisations and authorities to deliver mobile pre-hospital healthcare and community education.​


The focus of BPM is now to provide short-term, dynamic humanitarian relief if-and-when such events unfold. 

Austere Risk Management

Austere delivers high-quality safety, medical and rescue consultation and on-location services to our valued clients.


They develop risk management solutions for projects where environment, terrain, remoteness and complexity exceeds the clients ability to manage risk, or where the client prefers to outsource risk management and focus on the task at hand.

With decades of experience in complex medical, rescue and military operations, Austere is ready to navigate difficult risk in remote environments.

One Ocean International

One Ocean International is a specialist watermanship training organisation committed to providing industry leading watermanship and personal development training, to instil an optimistic spirit and a winning attitude in our clients, share our passion for human optimisation and to ensure a positive impact and respectful approach to our environment.

The Wild Medic Project

Remote clinical immersion

The Wild Medic Project is an award winning platform that supports community access to primary health care. The platform works with existing community health care teams and ambulance services to build the capability of the community through frontline health initiatives and educational clinics. Our team believe in a shared collaborative experience between health professionals, student groups  and community members to improve out of hospital access to primary health care.

Planet Medic

Planet Medic is a platform designed to give clinicians opportunities to get involved in international paramedic based rotations that empower local emergency services while allowing adventurous participants the opportunity to gain valuable clinical continued professional development (CPD). 


We work together with international ambulance services in developing nations to assist with the delivery of their local services. We assist with staffing, educational capabilities and community projects. If you are a registered Paramedic looking for adventure while developing your skills and CPD, give us a call today!

Survival First Aid Kits

Survival Emergency Solutions is a leading innovator in first aid emergency solutions. Founded in 1988 by twin brothers Jerry and Tim Tyrrell in response to personal tragedy, Survival’s mission is to offer safety and security to every individual around the globe.

Alpine Access Australia

Alpine Access Australia has evolved from a lifetime of experiences in the Australian Alps. Originally a backcountry guiding company, Alpine Access is now also a provider for Avalanche Canada in Australia offering their AST1 (avalanche skills training) curriculum.

Recognising the demand from those wanting to get started in the backcountry has led Alpine Access Australia to focus on providing an information platform sharing skills and knowledge.

The AST1 course incorporates information gathering, snow science, route selection, identification of avalanche terrain and companion rescue. It is a fun, stimulating and challenging two-day course that is just as relevant for those entering the winter backcountry in Australia as overseas.

Elysium High Performance 

ElysiumHP is a team of specialist high-performance coaches for elite individuals


Led by Performance Psychologist Dr Kate Baecher, we can provide team and/or individualised coaching sessions to help you achieve a specific goal, or increase your overall performance in your chosen field.


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