Wilderness First Aid Courses

‘Wilderness First Aid’ – If you are more than an hour from definitive care (Medical Centre/Hospital), access and communications are limited, and you may have to help co-ordinate the emergency response then ‘Wilderness First Aid’ will give you the advanced skills and knowledge required to provide the best care to your patient, whilst waiting for an extended period of time for help to arrive.

A “Wilderness” area is not only more than 1 hour from definitive care (Medical Centre/Hospital) but is also a region where the land is in a natural state; where impacts from human activities are minimal—that is, as a wilderness. As such, not only is appropriate First Aid care key but also the ability to coordinate the response.

Wilderness first aid is the immediate care given to an injured or suddenly ill person. It does not take the place of definitive medical care. It consists only of giving assistance until a more advanced level of medical care is obtained or until the chance for recovery without medical care is apparent.

Wilderness First Aid has a distinct focus because:

  • Injuries and illnesses occur outdoors, often in adverse conditions that affect both patients and rescuers.

  • Definitive medical care may be delayed for hours or days; by a difficult location, bad weather, lack of transportation or communications.

  • Certain injuries and illnesses are more common in wilderness areas.

  • Medical care beyond urban first aid may be needed.

  • First Aid supplies and equipment are limited.

Survive First Aid standard ‘Wilderness First Aid Course’ is delivered over 5 days and focuses not only on the skills and knowledge required to provide the best care to a patient whilst waiting for an extended period of time for help to arrive, but also the skills and knowledge required to co-ordinate an appropriate response including communications to emergency services and evacuation considerations. Our standard course awards participants with the following units of competency.

  • HLTAID003 ‘Provide First Aid’ (Including CPR)

  • SISOOPS305A ‘Provide First Aid in a Remote Situation’

  • SISXEMR201A ‘Respond to an Emergency’

  • SISXEMR402A ‘Coordinate and Emergency Response’

  • SISOHS101A ‘Follow defined OH&S Policies’

To refresh a current Wilderness First Aid certificate you just need to attend a 3 day course.


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