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The following first aid kits we promote are from Survival Emergency Solutions who are a leading innovator in first aid emergency solutions. Founded in 1988 by twin brothers Jerry and Tim Tyrrell in response to personal tragedy, Survival’s mission is to offer safety and security to every individual around the globe.

Designed in Australia, the colour-coded labelling system for all SURVIVAL First Aid KITS enables you to clearly identify first aid contents and explains the typical use for each item. This makes it quicker and easier to respond to any emergency situation.

We promote these kits as we feel they are the best organised and laid out kits on the market. In addition to the standard contents extra specific supplies will need to be purchased to bolster the kits to make them applicable to a wilderness or remote environment.

Workplace First Aid Kit 

Tick off every item on your workplace first aid kit checklist, with the SURVIVAL Workplace First Aid KIT.


Containing all the components you need to be workplace compliant, this KIT will have you covered for any workplace emergency.

Nationally compliant with Safe Work Australia's Workplace Health and Safety Code of Practice.

Travel First Aid Kit

The SURVIVAL Travel First Aid KIT has been designed with weight and space in mind, without compromising any of the items on your travel first aid checklist.

Ideal if you’re going ‘round the globe, into the outback or even just down the road, the Travel First Aid KIT also meets WHS compliance regulations for remote work areas.

Stocked with all your essential first aid items, as well as additional extras including a Bites and Stings module comprising an Instant Ice Pack, 2 x Smart Bandages, Tick Removal Spoon, 2 x 30 mL Saline and Sewing KIT, this first aid solution is every traveller’s best mate.

Snake Bite Kit

Designed in Australia by leading first aid experts and developed in conjunction with snake safety experts, SSSafe, the SURVIVAL Snake Bite First Aid KIT is built around the success of SURVIVAL’s revolutionary Smart Bandage to effectively manage potentially deadly snake and Funnel-web spider bites.

Complete with all the first aid contents you need to assist in the onsite treatment of a venomous snake or Funnel-web spider bite, this KIT also contains lifesaving instructions on correct snake bite bandage technique.

Make the smart choice. Don’t go exploring without one.

Safety Centre Kit

The SURVIVAL Safety Centre KIT has been expertly designed to prevent eye, hearing and lung damage throughout every home and workplace in Australia and beyond.

Be prepared for any emergency with compact, durable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) essentials that you can take anywhere. Keep it in your car, carry it in your bag, or attach it to your SURVIVAL First Aid KIT for the ultimate in personal safety and protection.

Outdoor Bundle

Our Outdoor Bundle is our newest KIT combo on the block! Perfect for travel to remote areas, this bundle contains our most comprehensive first aid KIT - the Home First Aid KIT plus our Snake Bite KIT.


Top it off with our Emergency First Aid Handbook and you've got yourself covered for most remote emergency situations across Australia.

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