DRSABCD - The Primary Survey 

This is the universal action plan for responding to an unresponsive patient​. Remember call 000 for any unresponsive patient or patient with an altered conscious state. 

Below are some more useful links and downloads regarding DRSABCD  

  • GoodSAM is a mobile phone app that connects a member of the community to someone in cardiac arrest. GoodSAM registrations are now open to any adult who is confident and willing to perform CPR and use an AED. Download the GoodSAM Responder app today or learn more at https://www.ambulance.vic.gov.au/goodsam/ 

  • Know where your nearest AED is CPR and defibrillation are critical for survival – for every minute that CPR is delayed, survival decreases by 10 per cent. Ambulance Victoria is on a mission to ensure every Victorian knows where their nearest AED is located to increase survival rates. Locate registered AEDs Here

The following Videos:

  • Showing the use of Drones to effectively get Defibrillators to patient's as quickly as possible 

  • Promo CPR video using the characters from the Australian TV show Rake

  • A successful resuscitation on Bondi Rescue of a Drowning Patient 

  • A successful resuscitation on Bondi Rescue of a Cardiac Arrest

  • MRI of an effective head tilt 

  • Demonstration of a Lucas Machine that performs compressions automatically 


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